Friday, 3 October 2014

Fresh Face for a New Season

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? The Hautie Couturist has been off the fashion radar for a good few months now. But while my blog pages have been blank, what’s been going on behind the scenes has been far from boring. 

New adventures have been rumbling through my life like a series of mini earthquakes. Though much less devastating I hasten to add, than any real cataclysm, my metaphorical seismic tremors have included their own characteristic aftershocks. As the wave of motion subsides beneath my feet, I can feel myself emerging with a new perspective and even a new grasp on womanhood.

So, reinvigorated and re-energised, the Hautie Couturist is also re-born. While fashion, with its beauty, its fun and its frivolity will continue to be my source of inspiration, life has many more facets to explore.

The change of season seems like a timely moment to initiate this new ethos, and whilst it’s a journey that I may be starting alone, it is one I hope will have you joining in along the way. 

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